Boiron apologized to the threatened blogger

The CEO of Boiron Italy, Silvia Nencioni, wrote in reply to the e-mail sent by the Italian blogger Samuele Riva (he communicated the removal of the pictures of Oscillococcinum captioned in a sarcastic way) a long e-mail obliquely apologizing for the threatening tone and content of their letter and reassuring him that the company is satisfied of the removal and will not proceed to court.

Here is the piece I wrote for the BMJ on Aug 12, that contributed to spread the word all over the world wide web, and here are the text of Silvia Nencioni’s letter and an account I wrote for the website of the Italian Skeptics’ association CICAP, Queryonline (both in Italian).


The most read news on the BMJ this week: Boiron vs blog ;-)

I cannot hide my satisfaction: not only my piece about the Boiron letter is the most read item on the website of the BMJ this week, but it was even cited on Wikipedia!

BTW, I recapitulated the whole story on the website of Queryonline (CICAP, IN ITALIANO)

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